10 Best Scholarships for International Students in China


International scholarships in China educational institutions are among the fastest-growing in the world. It’s clear from the influx of students, with over 490,000 migrants studying in the ‘Red Dragon.’

Why is this so? Chinese universities promise a high standard of education. It has six institutions among the world’s top 100 universities.

Most importantly, Chinese universities provide a higher level of education than the most popular alternatives. Students must pay at least USD 2,500 USD per year, for a total of USD 10,000 USD for four-year programs.

Even with such a high price, some students struggle to pay. Scholarships for foreign students are recommended by the Chinese government, universities, and other organizations. Let’s look at some of the Chinese classes that are available to international students.


Top Scholarships in China 2022

1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) Type-A.


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  • Scholarship Fee: Part of the total tuition fee
  • Requirements: Degree, and Doctorate

The CGS program is the best scholarship in China for international students and is provided by the Department of Education through the Chinese Education Council.

It offers a variety of scholarships, one of which is Type A. Also known as the Bilateral program, which includes courses in Chinese or English – and a year of preparation.

N.B. The scholarship includes free (or bursary) university accommodation, insurance premiums, and full health insurance.

With these courses, students can apply to 2 Chinese universities through the Chinese Embassy in their home countries.

Scholarship requirements include:

  • University and CGS application forms
  • Copy of master’s degree
  • Transcript
  • Certificate of Practice in the Chinese Language
  • Copy of external examination papers
  • Applicants must also submit a study plan/research proposal, two letters of recommendation, and a cover letter


Type B Study of the Chinese Government Scholarship


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  • Scholarship Fees: Part of the full tuition fee
  • Requirements: Requirements
  • Also known as the University of China program, this Chinese scholarship is limited to foreign graduates who wish to enroll in certain institutions.
  • The CGS Type B curriculum includes all English or English courses offered, as well as the year of preparation required by the student.
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N.B. Like all CGS programs, a B-type scholarship provides support, board / free housing assistance, and medical insurance.

Compared to a B-type scholarship, applying for a B-type program can be sent to the university. The above requirements apply, although art students will need to provide a list of their activities.

CGS winners are reviewed annually. This is done before paying for the following school year.

Beijing State Stock Exchange (BGS)

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  • Scholarship Value: 1 Year Full Time Bachelor and Masters students, 3-Ph.D. students
  • Degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees from universities located in Beijing
  • Like the Chinese government, Beijing also supports foreign students through its Beijing government bursary program.
  • Open to Bachelor’s and Master’s students for up to 3 years (Ph.D.)
  • BGS recipients will not be eligible for other scholarships.

N.B. To renew their scholarship, Ph.D. BGS-sponsored students take the full annual exam every April.

The Beijing government has left the responsibility of receiving, evaluating, and approving the university’s admissions requirements


Shanghai Government Scholarship

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  • Scholarship Price: Type A: $ 59,200 ($ 9,155) per person per year, Category B: 20,800 ($ 3,215) per person per year
  • Degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees from universities located in Shanghai
  • Like Beijing, the Shanghai government provides full scholarships in China to foreigners studying in Shanghai institutions.

The scholarship is divided into type 2.

Type A is required for graduates and graduates as it covers the total number of courses. It also includes the cost of living and sleeping and the cost of medical insurance.

Type B scholarship, on the other hand, includes only tuition fees. That being said, it is open to alumni.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • no more than 25 applicants,
  • no more than 35 Master’s students,
  • and no more than 40 Ph.D. applicants.

N.B. HSK is required to apply for a Shanghai government scholarship


Fujian Government Scholarship

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  • Scholarships: 30,000 ($ 4,640) to 60,000 ($ 9,280) per person per year.
  • Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees from Fujian University

Fujian, a region in southeastern China, offers scholarships that are fully supported by foreign students who wish to study at its institutions.

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The Fujian Government Scholarship is divided into several categories, namely:

  • Extraordinary Scholarship Program – $ 60,000 ($ 9,280) per person per year
  • Fujian Program Study – $ 30,000 ($ 4,640) per person per year
  • Training Program – $ 30,000 ($ 4,640) per person per year
  • Fujian University Rental Program – 30,000 ($ 4,640) to 50,000 ($ 7,730) per person per year

Application Requirements.

To apply for any scholarship program, students will need to

  • submit a complete application form,
  • A copy of their degree, diploma, or research program,
  • A portfolio of art activities (for undergraduate students).

As with most Chinese study programs for foreign students, applicants are required to follow a certain age:

  • No more than 30 years for undergraduate students,
  • 40years for a Masters’s student.
  • The 50-year-old boundaries apply to potential scholars with a knowledge base

Ph.D. China-China relations

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  • Scholarship Price: The scholarship is full for 3 years
  • Requirements: Master’s degree
  • Ph.D. The China Scholarship is open to foreign students – with a bachelor’s degree – who wish to study for a bachelor’s degree at a Chinese university.
  • The scholarship will cover 3 years of study, with living/research grants, medical / accident insurance, and annual travel expenses (economic grade only).

Application Requirements

To apply for this Chinese scholarship, students need to submit an application form, an anonymous copy of the college certificate, an application form, a master’s degree (or other research fellowship), and a doctoral dissertation.
Search for International Student Programs
Applicants must also submit a separate application, 2 letters of recommendation, and a letter of recommendation.
This must be provided through the Confucius China Studies Program website

Master’s Degree. To share

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  • Scholarship Fees: Full scholarships in 1 to 2 years
  • Requirements: Master’s degree
  • The research combined Ph.D. The program is an opportunity for foreigners studying in foreign universities. The scholarship is intended to support applicants for study, research, and completion of their undergraduate degree in China.

Application Requirement

  1. In addition to scholarships, this international student organization in China will provide accommodation, travel expenses, health / medical insurance, a research fund, and a visit to China.
  2. To be eligible, a student must have 3 or more HSK written scores
  3. Other requirements include a Ph.D. Certificate of study, 2 letters of recommendation, master thesis, and other research projects, and a research program for China.
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Required documents can be sent to the Confucius Institute headquarters in the country of study of the applicant

Peking University Scholarship (PKUS)

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  • Scholarship Fee: Part of the full scholarship 4-5 years (Bachelor’s), 2-3 years (Master’s), 5 years (Master’s to Ph.D.), or 4 years (Ph.D.)
  • Degree: Degree, Degree, and Doctorate from Peking University
Peking University ranked second in China, offers scholarships that are fully supported by major international students. Scholarship requirements, however, are that a student does not have to hold a bachelor’s degree or English program.
In addition to partial or full tuition fees, PKUS also includes living, accommodation, and medical insurance.
PLUS awards must be made annually before the scholarship is renewed

Muduo Bourse

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  • Scholarship Value: The scholarship is complete during the study period
  • Degree: Degree, Degree, and Doctorate from Beijing Normal University (BNU)
  • BNU’s Silk Road Muduo Scholarship is open to international students ‘One Belt and One Road’. Chinese education includes full scholarships, accommodation/living expenses, and medical insurance.


High school graduates are selected based on entrance exams and other test results.
Master’s Degree and Ph.D. The recipients of the awards, on the other hand, were selected based on their performance in the previous categories. Their ability to do research and innovate is also known.
Silk Road Muduo scholars are taking the test every May

Schwarzman Scholarship

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  • Scholarship Value: 1 Year Scholarship
  • Degree: Master’s Degree in Public Policy, Business, and Economics, or International Studies from Tsinghua University
  • The Schwarzman Scholarship is awarded to future world leaders who wish to pursue a master’s degree at Tsinghua University. Applicants for this Chinese scholarship must be between the ages of 18 and 29
  • They also need to complete the English language exam.
The Schwarzman Scholarship is awarded to about 200 applicants, 45% of whom will be from the United States. 35% will come from other countries, and 20% of the jobs will be given to Chinese applicants.
In addition to all sponsored courses, Schwarzman’s experts will be provided with rooms/board of directors, personal finance, book/purchase support, airfare to Beijing, and health insurance.


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