3 career advantages of pursuing a master’s degree in the United Kingdom



Studying for a master’s degree in the UK with a  Scholarship is a great step forward in your career, and here’s why.

In 2021, there will be over 500,000 international students studying in the United Kingdom, and who can blame them? The United Kingdom has a large number of highly-ranked universities, a vibrant culture, and easy access to the rest of Europe.


But what advantages does studying in the UK as a  Scholar have for your career?

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1. Your degree will be respected all over the world

The UK government requires all universities to meet rigorous educational standards.

This means that the education you will receive as part of your degree will be of the highest caliber. Indeed, many of the world’s top universities are based in the United Kingdom, including, of course, Oxford and Cambridge, but also:


University of London

London’s University College (UCL)

University of London (LSE)

The Edinburgh University

University of London

Manchester Metropolitan University


Fun fact: all of these universities are among the top 50 universities in the world according to Times Higher Education!


This will give you a significant advantage when it comes to getting hired. When an employer sees a UK university on your transcript, they will know you have a good education and are likely to recognize your university’s reputation.

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This can lead to not only better job opportunities, but also potentially higher pay. According to a 2019 study, graduates from the Russell Group alliance of universities earned higher-than-average pay.


2. You will have plenty of opportunities for work experience

One of the requirements of a Scholarship is that alumni return to their home country after graduation. However, this does not preclude you from gaining professional experience in the UK.

Your UK study visa will allow you to work part-time alongside your studies as a full-time graduate student as long as you do not rely on your earnings for financial support. This would not be necessary if you were studying with a Scholarship, but it could be a great way to supplement your existing work experience or gain experience in a new area.

Indeed, as long as it did not interfere with your studies, you could complete an internship during your studies.

If you decide to take advantage of this opportunity, make sure you can balance your workload with your degree responsibilities, not to mention exploring your new home!

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3. You’ll Gain Access to a Global Alumni Network

Finally, because of the international diversity of the student population in the UK and your excellent network, you will undoubtedly leave your program with a vast network of contacts from all over the world.

Scholars come from 160 different countries and will all be returning home after graduation. Your close friends will quickly become important connections all over the world, working in a variety of fields such as entrepreneurship, government, non-profit organizations, and big business.

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4. Enhance your communication abilities

The way we communicate is more than just what we say, and strong communication skills are one of the most sought-after qualities by employers. You’ll improve your networking and communication skills by making friends and interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Different countries also approach teaching in different ways; you may encounter a completely new method of instruction that will take some time to adjust to. However, you will be learning new ways to learn, communicate, and network, which will improve your future employability.

Cultural awareness is also important in business, and by learning about a new country’s history, art, food, and people, you will develop your understanding of others, which is essential for success in your future career.

Taking advantage of work placement opportunities while studying will help you improve your communication skills. Gain valuable work experience, make contacts in relevant industries, and put your knowledge to use in the real world.

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Why would you hesitate when you have all of this to look forward to?




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