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The UK Council has announced a bursary and international grant for the academic year 2023-2024. All students’ dreams are to study abroad; with the British Council Scholarship, students can support their studies while living their dream lives in the UK.

Scholarship From The British Council

The UK Government provides scholarships and grants to international students studying at the best universities in the country. Many universities also provide scholarships to students from all over the world. Students on sponsored scholarships can pursue a bachelor’s degree at English universities. You can find it online here.

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Students have the opportunity to study at the best and most prestigious educational institutions in the United Kingdom. This opportunity not only allows students to study in the UK, but also allows them to learn about English culture by connecting with students, professionals, and teachers from other countries.

It is assisting students in funding their studies with funding from the UK government. In this article, we will go over the scholarships and grants offered by the UK Council.

Summary of the British Council Scholarships 2024

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Host Country: UK

Host Institute: Best Universities of the UK

Funded by: British Council Scholarship

Financial Assistance: Funded and Fully Funded

Degree Level: Short courses, Master’s, Doctoral Degree Programs

Scholarships Offered by British Council Scholarship Program are listed below

1. Scottish Salt Exchange

More Scholarships: The Scottish Government provides Scotland Saltire scholarships to international students. Students have access to college and higher education. Students become top leaders as a result of the Scottish Saltire Scholarship Program.

Degree: Undergraduate degree

Courses; Technology, science, medicine, and medical sciences, industrial industries, and sustainable and clean energy.

Country: Canada, China (including Hong Kong), India, Japan, Pakistan, and the United States

For more information visit official website HERE

2. U.S. Hornby Scholarship Learned

Scholarship Details: This scholarship is intended to help to teach teachers improve their English proficiency. The scholarship program is offered by the University of Warwick’s Masters in TESOL. This is a one-year study program.

Degree; Degree Program

Country: See the list of qualified candidates here.

For more information visit the official website HERE.

3. Chevening Scholarship:

More Scholarships: One of the most popular scholarships available to international students is the Chevening Fellowship. Students who participate in the Chevening Fellowship program gain professional development experience through their work.

Degree: Short Courses, Opportunities for Intermediate Professionals.

Country: See the eligibility list through the links provided below.

For more information, visit here.

4. Commonwealth Scholarship Program and Fellowship:

Commonwealth scholarships and fellowships are offered to undergraduate and Ph.D. students at UK universities.

Degree: Master’s, Doctorate programs, other fellowships

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Country: Commonwealth

For more information about Ph.D. scholarships, visit here.

5. New Bourse

More Scholarships: Large scholarships are offered to international students from 18 countries to continue their final studies in the UK and benefit once in a lifetime. Students receive € 10,000 for their undergraduate degree program.

Degree: Master’s Degree Program for 1 year

Country: For a country list, see the line below

For more information, visit the official site here.

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6. UK Council Women in STEM Scholarship:

More Scholarships: These scholarships are offered primarily to women in the United States, South Asia, and South Asia. Along with this scholarship program, women have access to science, technology, architecture, or mathematics at a major UK university and are ranked first.

Degree: Master’s Degree Program for Women

Country: United States, South Asia, South Asia

For more information  visit HERE


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